Поклонник подарил Бузовой машину за 10 миллионов рублей
The TV presenter became the owner of an expensive car.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova got a divorce with Dmitry Tarasov, returned to her maiden name
and redid the tattoo made once a sign of love and fidelity, it was surrounded by the crowd
fans. Many of them are wealthy and famous people. Now
gorgeous bouquets and costly gifts, the presenter does not receive from her husband and from
mysterious strangers.

For example, recently in a sign of great sympathy Buzova presented “Mercedes”. SUV blue
color with beige leather interior worth 10 million rubles Olga gave
wealthy admirer. For the girls it was a pleasant surprise.

after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov 31-year-old presenter had
not only to move to a rented apartment, but to change from white
Mercedes, a gift from her husband, in a rented car

According to rumors, the marriage of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov failed because of the betrayal of the player. However, judging by the personal correspondence of Kim that leaked thanks to hackers, the couple were not reduced solely to the “booze” Tarasova. Mother Olga accused her of impropriety, and failing to care for her husband. Conflicts in relationships Buzova with her husband added the absence of children, which, according to Dmitri, he had long dreamed of. But Olga herself was probably not ready to be a mother. She was actively engaged in career and expand the scope of their “employment”. Over the past few years, she managed to try yourself in the role of designer, writer, actress, and now she wants to build a singing career.