Сын Николаса Кейджа арестован
Staging two crashes, Weston miraculously survived.

Сын Николаса Кейджа арестован

Nicolas cage and his son Weston Cage


Nicolas cage is extremely saddened by his son again
in trouble. Yesterday, he was arrested by police in Los Feliz after
as vainly tried to get away from chasing him to the police. This was announced
the Internet site hollywoodlife.com.

Problems 26-year-old Weston cage began when he
while driving Chevrolet
crashed into the car of another driver. After that, instead of having to wait
the police, he fled the scene of the accident at maximum speed. Soon the road
the patrol tried to stop the guy. Weston raced ahead at breakneck speed,
knocking on the way the road signs. At some point he lost control
and at full speed drove into a tree. Machine cage Jr. was defeated
pieces, one can only wonder how he survived.

The reason for the strange behavior of the son of the actor revealed,
as soon as he got out of his car. Police saw that young man was
absolutely drunk. Weston, of course, were immediately arrested.

This is not the first trouble with
by law, son of the famous actor. In 2011, he was arrested for beating up his
first wife Nikki Williams. However, since then, Weston has managed to marry a second time,
and his new wife Danielle gave birth to a son Lusiana, which is now almost
three years. However, the hopes of Nicolas cage that Weston, becoming a family
man, settle down, did not materialize. Now, the actor blames himself for the fact that it
he is to blame for the problems of Weston. Indeed, Nicholas clearly not enough time
paid to the education of his son, which gave birth to his girlfriend Christina Fulton.

Weston Cage