Провал или фурор? Юлия Ковальчук привлекла внимание критиков экстравагантным видом
Fans can’t understand, whether they like the new image of the singer.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Julia Kovalchuk after birth was rare to excite fans with performances or presence at social “get-togethers”. Now she leads a quiet country life, spending most of his free time with the baby. However, it is to abandon the concert activities Julia is not going to. Just yesterday, she left her daughter in the care of his mother and flew away for a few days while on tour in Voronezh.

The release of Yulia on the stage of the annual charity event “Christmas meetings” made the audience a strong impression. Kovalchuk put a lot of effort to look that night brilliant. She got her hair done in the style of “old” Hollywood and donned a very bold outfit emphasized her postroynevshaya figure. Choosing dresses with fun decor drew attention to Yulia “fashion critics”. Opinions about what happened in the emergence of Kovalchuk: enchanting failure or divided.

“Great! Refined”, “Figure is very beautiful , but the dress called Association “cornice and curtains”, “Julia looks much older than his years, and the dress Drapes in the bathroom or in the bedroom… had she not seen yourself?” “Chic and Shine!”, “Beauty, not tear his eyes! Julia well done!”, write Kovalchuk.

By the way, along with Julia in Voronezh flew and her husband Alexey Chumakov. Together, the couple has played the role of a leading charity events, thanks to which, incidentally, were collected 99 million rubles to support gifted children in Voronezh region.