Lost her son, Yana Troyanova will again become a mother

Потерявшая сына Яна Троянова вновь станет мамой
The star of the show Olga, survived family drama, ready for baby’s arrival.

Потерявшая сына Яна Троянова вновь станет мамой

Yana Troyanova

Photo: @troyanovayana Instagram Yana Troyanova

Yana Troyanova has a very tragic fate. Actress 44 had not buried a loved one, including his only son from his first marriage, who in 20 years has completed suicide. His death became for the artist a heavy blow, followed by a dark period of Yana. In order to “drown out” the pain of losing Troyanova started to abuse alcohol. If not her present husband, Vasily Sigarev, preferences of the actress could end up another tragedy in the family Troyanova.

It husband helped Jan to get through the hard times. The wounds of losing a child in a mother’s heart will not heal ever, but the time could dull the perception of what happened. After my son’s death I didn’t want to live. When children go before their parents, no words what it is. But I was supposed to die after him, and to go and to live…” — said Ian 7days.ru. Troyanova recently admitted that he felt a strong need to give someone the love. She’s thinking to adopt a child from the orphanage. This revelation she shared in an interview with Evelina Bledans during the live show “the invisible Man”.

Yana Troyanova has told about a nightmare marriage

“I think about it. I want to love and love to share. I really want to live and help people. Especially mothers who have buried their children,” admitted Ian. Evelyn, it is worth noting, listening to the story Troyanova about her life, unable to hold back the tears. She had sympathy for Yana, and also supported the idea of being a mom again.

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