ДНК-тест доказал, что наследником 300-миллионного состояния Принса станет его сын-преступник

The death of the singer Prince was to others such as unexpected as, for example, David Bowie and Michael Jackson.

As befits a legendary musician after his death, he had many illegitimate children who claim to the inheritance. Despite the fact that the body of the musician was cremated, the coroner prudently left a few milliliters of blood Prince, in the future, when formation of the new “heir” can be had at official level to prove his relationship with the pop star.

By the way, thanks to a DNA test, was found heir to millions of musician, which during the life of the Prince had not even heard.

To the great surprise of fans of the stars, refined and cute Prince was born of a desperate bully, if not a bandit.

To your 40 years, a man named Patrick may already be different in a negative way. The heir was the fruit of 25 years was convicted of transporting cocaine, 27 heroin, steal cars, illegally kept weapons, beat up his girlfriend — in General, lived as best they could without his father’s hands. And the news that he was lucky to pull the winning ticket, caught Patrick in prison, where he is again serving his sentence for use of firearms in the attack.

At the moment we know that the guy has all chances to become owner of the inheritance of 300 million, because it is the only first-degree relative. Next on millions of Prince pretends to be his sister TIKA Nelson.

Note that his relationship with Prince the guy said before his death. Mother Patrick Marsh Hanson had only recently told his son the truth about his father and then he decided to inform the musician.

In his Facebook wrote the joyful message — “Yay, Prince is my father!”. But the message went unheeded.

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