Роза Сябитова станет депутатом

TV presenter decided to take part in elections in September.

The main matchmaker of our country decided to reach new horizons and to try his hand in politics. Famous TV presenter and mistress of marriage Agency intends to participate in the elections to the state Duma.

— Yes, I plan to nominate a candidate from the party “Rodina” – quoted by Rose news Agency “RIA Novosti”. — In which constituency, we now are discussing this topic. My main position is clear, I am a folk matchmaker is the family and, in principle, a slogan that I will nominate. I live with him, I’m promoting and using the First channel, through its programme: a strong family is a strong state.

As noted by the presenter, she wants to bet on the female electorate.

— I think that is likely because this issue is still quite open, select the region where a lot of the female population – Ivanovo. Maybe Yaroslavl, where it is necessary to help the female population, lost our gene pool – shared rose.

Elections are scheduled for September 18. And while the candidate presenter considered for inclusion in the Federal list of the party.

Recall that among the deputies of the state Duma, a lot of celebrities and creative people. For example, actress Maria Kozhevnikova. And recently it became known that to compete for the title of the people’s Deputy intends her peers Anna Snatkina.

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