Ума Турман упала с лошади

Failed to ride on the horse Hollywood actress Uma Thurman. The star of “pulp fiction” franchise and “Kill bill” fell from a horse, receiving fall multiple fractures. The tragedy occurred in the French resort Isle of St. Barths. Severity of injuries not yet reported.

Eyewitnesses say they saw, like a film star with the help of the older children Devon and Maya got to the restaurant La Plage, where she was given first aid and called doctors.
“Mind barely moved and looked as if she’d just had an operation on my hip” — eyewitnesses.
The representative of the actress has confirmed the incidence and said: “Uma Thurman fell during horse riding. That day she rode a young thoroughbred stallion, but he was spooked by something and threw rider. In the fall, the Mind has received several fractures.
By the way, in translation from Japanese “Uma” means “horse”. Accidents are not accidental.

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