A close friend of Boris Nemtsov predicted his death

Близкой подруге Бориса Немцова предсказали его смерть Anna Lesnikova claims that the tragedy could have been avoided. A woman who claims that she was in a relationship with Boris Nemtsov and bore him a son, recalls the meeting in a psychic.

      Близкой подруге Бориса Немцова предсказали его смерть

      Since the tragic death of Boris Nemtsov has passed more than a year, but talk about killing policy does not cease till now. Relatives and admirers of the statesman can’t believe what happened. Nemtsov friend, designer Anna Lesnikova, who claims that her son Daniel is the heir of Boris, and it suggests that the tragedy could have been avoided if the politician listened to her and took a high post in Moscow. Over ten years ago to the woman turned psychic, words which navsegda etched in the memory of Anna.

      “Was the prophecy from which I am now a year can’t come in… Goosebumps… One day when I was pregnant, I found a psychic from Sochi, her name was Marianne, she came to the city, and Irina Simonenko found me, saying that she urgently need something to tell me, Irina brought her to me, she said: “I know what you’re expecting and know who, don’t ask why – I just know it… You have to bring about change only you can do it, Boris is in danger and only you can stop it. He will soon be offered a high post in Moscow (Boris still was Governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region) – it needs to be abandoned, it will be difficult to do, but he can hear only you… I see the Kremlin, the blood of the dead and Boris in the background of the Kremlin… And the dark clouds… If he goes to Moscow – his-death” – as you picture? She saw his death 18 years ago, and that it will happen that way, well, at least the Kremlin was symbolic in prophecy, but she must have made all this a terrible picture,” says Lesnikova on the page in “Facebook”.

      Близкой подруге Бориса Немцова предсказали его смерть

      Sorry Anna, she failed to persuade Boris to reject the proposal to transfer to Moscow. Since then much water has flowed under the bridge, however the woman is convinced that the clairvoyant’s prediction was prophetic.

      We will remind, after the death of Nemtsov, a dispute broke out about the succession policy. Among the contenders for the property and the money that public figure was the son of Lesnikova. To prove that he is a blood relative of Boris, now extremely difficult. However, the mother of the young man against to disturb the rest of Nemtsov.

      “About the inheritance the son is willing to refuse an inheritance, if you fail to get Borini biomaterials from the UK for examination, (the examination of DNA was carried out when He was little, but there’s no name of the father, he was not, he was in the government) to exhume the body, we will not go, and if it does not, we are not greedy people and they themselves have earned, not lost, foul play is not for us. I don’t want to disturb the rest of Boris and will not allow anyone to do it,” said Lesnikova.

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