Became known release date of air of “Revizorro” with the new host

Стала известна дата эфира «Ревизорро» с новой ведущей
Olga Romanovskaya will be able to stand up for themselves.

Olga Romanovskaya at the filming of a promotional video of the updated “Revizorro”

Photo: Press service of the channel “Friday!”

The first release of the popular program “Revizorro” without Helena Fly will be released on the channel “Friday!” next Wednesday April 13. New “mistress” show — Olga Romanov, the first editions of Kislovodsk, Tula and Ryazan. Shooting a new series “Revizorro” were only a month for which she had to travel more than ten different cities and check out more than twenty institutions. Took a film crew with the new host not as wary as with Fly. But the broadcasters are confident that soon the angry Olga the owners of cafes and restaurants will react like bulls to a red rag… But Romanovskaya, full of fighting spirit, not afraid of anyone or anything, especially because it is in the past few years professionally was engaged in Boxing!

Lena Flying at its recent press conference reassured fans that she’s not out, on the contrary! She became a producer of “Revizorro”. “Two and a half years we created the project, says Volatile. — We
did not just an entertaining and socially significant show. I’m not
I’m leaving, I’m moving on. “Revizorro” — this is my baby, my baby. And I
not going to walk away. Now I’ll be the producer of the project. Moreover,
I invented a new format of the show, we are working on and which
the viewers will see this fall. I haven’t seen Olga as a host. But just
I know that it will be very hard. And in moral terms, as
to communicate with disgruntled restaurateurs and hoteliers, is very difficult.
Once in Omsk I was doused with slops, and in Salekhard we do
was attacked! But I’m always ready to lend her his
shoulder Board, shoulder to cry on and all they can. Also it will not be easy
to win the love of viewers, but we hope that they will soon get used to
the change of leading. Especially because I will be back on screens this fall in a new
the format of the project, and I’m not going anywhere from “Revizorro show”.

We will remind, now the transmission will maintain the ex-soloist of the popular group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanov. Fans will likely remember her as Olga Koryagina is her maiden name. By the way, from the moment Olga left the “VIA gra”, her life has changed very much. The girl got married, gave birth to two children. Before Romanov was shuttled between the two countries — Switzerland and Ukraine (and there, and there her family owns real estate), now also will often come to Russia for the shooting of “Revizorro”.

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