Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье» Kate Tsvetova gave an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Friend Zhanna Friske for the first time told how they were looking for an apartment in Miami, learned about pregnancy of the singer and how shortly before the death of the actress went to the priest-Confessor.

      Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье»

      Over a year since the death of Jeanne Friske, health-coach, the athlete, fitness bikini, businesswoman Kate Tsvetova didn’t give any interviews, did not, at one show, where they discussed the details of the last months of life of the singer. But for the “StarHit” she made an exception.

      Natalia Friske: “I tried to tell Joan that she is pregnant, but to me it was not allowed”

      When I get better…

      “In 2006 I was vacationing in Sardinia, I came to the party, and there was our girl company – shares Tsvetova with “StarHit”. – A mutual friend introduced us. And I invited them to spend time with my friends on the boat. Experienced, Jeanne will behave like boys, to her, the star would react. But an hour later, it became the center of attention and attention with ease of communication, charm, sense of humor. There was a feeling that I know her forever.

      It turned out that in Moscow, we live in the same house and cars we have the same. Imagine what a coincidence! We became good friends. When both were in the capital, often went to each other’s homes and had dinner together and had dinner. Jeanne delicious cooked, especially good Italian pasta, risotto, soups. In regards to the food, she had one basic rule – you need to eat when you want, healthy food. And eat often. Now I understand the importance of this power, as she engaged in this problem and teach people how to eat – she did everything right intuitively. Even when we were late, I was in a hurry, and she said, “Baby, eat first, and then we’ll go! All this can wait!”

      Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье»

      We have often met in Miami her life in America, you can say I’m organized. We went to hockey games, yoga. Loved to walk around the shops, watched the concert dress, bought clothes for all her dancers – white jackets, sneakers, and then she was carried to Moscow a huge suitcases. Jeanne loved to dance, sometimes we get out to the clubs. Even when drinking only water, had fun so that the young people came to us and said, “Oh, girls, Yes you are pretty!” Largely thanks to her that my daughter Sasha is now seriously engaged in the dance music scene – Joan often took her along to concerts, showed the backstage life. Treat her like an adult, respected as a person, gave her such a kind of workshops.

      Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье»

      Jeanne so loved Miami that she decided to buy an apartment there. I remember we watched it together. I was advised to buy closer to the sea, and she wanted quiet, small, cozy, away from the noise of the embankments. And in the end we bought such and bright, with white furnishings, a small two – story house to the coast to fifteen minutes. Jeanne herself she has accumulated. She is a very frugal attitude to money was always postponed.

      Mother Zhanna Friske: first detailed story about the illness of the daughter

      About the disease I found out a few weeks after she was diagnosed. Joan called and calm said, “Baby, I was sick, fainting in the fall… But all will be well. Get well soon!” And my world ended… Cancer. My Jeanne. But this can not be! After all, until recently we were jumping for joy in Sardinia, when she told me she was pregnant. Friend so long dreamed about it! Adored children. She had her own approach: always treat them as an adult – no baby talk, only big talk. She had two godchild – a boy and a girl, her children are her closest friend Masha, they were friends of the Institute. Jeanne led them in cafes, parks, gifted, spoiled. In the spring of 2015 was supposed to be the third time godmother’s tiny gave birth to another baby. But, alas, no time…

      When we met, talked several hours about it, talking about, planning, treatment. Jeanne was very quiet, constantly repeated the words: “When I get better…” that was all of it. Lived easily. Even sent me a picture of her two grandmothers, wrinkled, gnarled, mini-skirts, hats, hairstyles, and funny. And the caption: “It’s you in old age! We will be cheerful attendants, fire fly!”

      Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье»

      Appreciate every moment

      At one time Jeanne was in grave danger – she was threatened by a strange man: first wrote on social networks then got the phone number. Called, love recognized, saying that Jeanne is his wife, he was angry, he threatened to find her and take away by force. Terrible words are written, in General. But the room Jeanne has not changed. Said, “Why hide? He still, if he wants, learns a new phone.” Sometimes even answered him. To the situation she walked calmly, wisely, without unnecessary emotions. It ended when she was already sick, he had disappeared.

      Jeanne we treated many things too philosophically. Said, “kat, well you have me so funny. Forever in some experiences. Remember – everything will be fine”. She’s in our girl group was the most wise, never about who did not say bad, neither of which is discouraged. Just reassured: “So, kat, stop, do not be nervous!” When she was hard, she was closed. She was more comfortable. No man was going for help.

      The disease did not break her. She dreamed of making plans. Thought about the wedding: accurately represent what the celebration, who is invited, how will celebrate a bachelorette party. Despite his serious condition, Jeanne chose the dresses she liked elegant.
      Близкая подруга Фриске: «Жанна хотела пышную свадьбу, выбирала платье»

      When Jeanne returned to Moscow, began to feel better and asked me to take her to the Confessor. We arrived at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Sat at the usual table, my father asked: “Jeanne, do you want Kate out?” But she asked me to stay. It was a feeling that he and the priest talked at some your language, I sat next to and even in some moments did not know what was going on. They had a direct connection. Jeanne talked about some life lessons learned from the incident that really rethought a lot of things and appreciate every moment.

      Dmitry Shepelev in a letter to Jeanne Friske: “I am once again frustrated, accusing you that left me betrayed”

      The last time I saw you was the day of my birth: Jeanne arrived, gave me a beautiful mantel clock. Remember what she said to me then. Sitting a little sideways and suddenly said: “what are you staring at me? I understand! I-no-mA-Yu”. Those words literally pierced me, still before my eyes that picture.

      For the New year we called, talked, and in February, Jeanne was worse – her last time was only Ksenia Stepanova and Olga Orlova. Dima Joan was happy. He’s a good father. Cares about Plato, spends a lot of time with him.

      Mother Zhanna Friske: “If the daughter knew that she was sick, she would not give birth”

      We girls all remember. Imagine what she’d say in that situation, and in this. In her memory I have many things: a large pendant in a bright red heart, it was her gift birthday earrings – gave when we were going to a party with the dress picked out, and then I saw them on me and refused to take back: “Cach all, they are yours, so you’re fine, go”.

      We still keep in touch with the main group in WhatsApp called “Girlfriend Jeanne”: is I, Xenia, tiny and Olga. Correspond, meet at a favorite Indian restaurant of Jannacci “Haguro in Shmitovsky proezd. One year ago today, I’ll see you again – will remember to cry… and laugh. Because Jeanne wanted us to enjoy life”.

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