Светлана Устиненко уехала лечиться на Кавказ Ex-participant reality show “House-2”, which within two years of struggling with a brain tumor, went to dzhily-su, in Kabardino-Balkaria. According to mother Aliani Golosovoy, it was there last time she got better and her condition improved.

      Светлана Устиненко уехала лечиться на Кавказ

      The former participant of the project “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko a long time trying to defeat the disease. About two years ago the doctors diagnosed her terrible diagnosis – glioblastoma of the brain IV degree. Svetlana had undergone several courses of chemotherapy, but the improvement was only temporary.

      Recently Ustinenko once again had surgery to remove the tumor, but medical intervention only aggravated her condition. According to the woman, she is in complete confusion. Svetlana Ustinenko: “After the operation I did not see or hear”

      Beloved mother supports her daughter Aliana and relatives. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” on the eve reported that she is sent for treatment in Kabardino-Balkaria.

      “Hold your loved ones in the long trip to the mountains, in the medical place of dzhily-su. It was there last year, mom was much better and the swelling had decreased by 50% . Many stories about miraculous healing exists in that place. And I very much hope that a miracle will happen, because we have tried all the known methods of treatment: expensive healthcare to ordinary folk. Pray, believe and love”, – wrote in his microblog Aliana, laying out the photograph of spouse Alexander puts Svetlana in a car to the airport.

      Subscribers to the page of the girl I wish you health, Svetlana and write words of support. “Be brave and don’t lose heart”, “Health and patience”, “Your mother will recover! Believe it with all my heart!”, such comments leave followers Eliany.

      Earlier in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” Ustinenko told me that she is going to visit the dzhily-su. According to her, the purity and healing properties of water from springs, which in those places will once again be able to return it to health. In his first visit, the woman spent only five days, however, it is recommended to live in the dzhily su 21 days to feel the effect.

      Recall that in 2014, it became known that Svetlana Ustinenko was diagnosed with cancer. The woman turned to the doctor, because she suffered frequent headaches and a constant feeling of fatigue. She had surgery to remove the tumor, the state at the time were normal. Relatives of the patient wanted to send her for treatment in Israel, but because of the jump in exchange rates, the money was not enough to pay for the accommodation and rehabilitation of Svetlana in the Holy land.

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