Эвелина Бледанс поделилась интимным видео с мужем The presenter showed the fans how the process of coloring her hair. As it turned out, beauty salons and hairdressing star prefers his own master. He was the husband of Evelyn — producer Alexander Semin. The pair filmed a funny video on this topic.

      Эвелина Бледанс поделилась интимным видео с мужем

      47-year-old TV presenter and actress Evelina Bledans decided to surprise his fans, sharing with them intimate video. It is possible to see how the star husband, 33-year-old producer and Director Alexander Semin, dye her hair with henna. Spouse celebrity also delivers a long monologue in which he mocks his wife.

      “Is this what I paint? Just a color, I would not want to offend you… And why you don’t do it in salons? All your men have gone through this? Good ink henna will not name. Tell me, please, is it normal that I’m getting a little nauseous? Just don’t slip away in our shower. Here you have a gray hair, ” he painted,” says the husband of Evelina Bledans.

      She’s a celebrity does not react to numerous questions from Semin, but he just smiles and continues staring at his phone, apparently reading it in the news feed.

      Fans Bledans left in awe of the video celebrity and thanked her for her good mood. According to many, Evelina and her husband know how to have fun and make others laugh. Fans leading also wished her family prosperity and success. “Funny”, “well Done”, “I love your videos, keep it up”, “Cutie”, “Love your family, you are so natural”, “Thanks for the mood,” “Wonderful people, laughed,” “I love your family, the better,” wrote the subscribers of the star.

      Video posted by Evelina Bledans (@bledans) Jun 12, 2016 at 2:20 am PDT

      Some women witness the creativity and life Bledans, I noticed that they also painted the couple. “My husband paints me carefully as a specialist, I have taught my husband to paint it, then how in the header tank go, while the leather paint will not wash off” — shared their experience in the comments to the video Evelyn.

      Recall that Evelina Bledans married to Alexander Semin now in its sixth year. The couple are raising four adorable Seeds. Spouses do not hide the fact that the boy was born with special needs, and share the complexities faced during his upbringing. Especially for this father Seeds started in Instagram page son, the number of subscribers currently reaches several hundred thousand people.

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