96-летний Владимир Этуш экстренно госпитализирован в Москве Vladimir Etush today was delivered in one of capital clinics. Now the state of the actor is estimated as stable. Shortly before this the actor was vacationing with his wife in Italy, but health problems forced him to return home.
96-летний Владимир Этуш экстренно госпитализирован в Москве

A few days ago in one of the capital’s hospitals, according to the media, was urgently taken Vladimir Etush. Doctors Pirogov hospital assess the condition of the actor, as stable, but some time he will be under the supervision of experts.

Advanced age, according to 96-year-old artist, is not a reason to leave the stage and for this reason he still continues to work on the stage native theater Vakhtangov. Completing the theatrical season, the actor along with his wife went on vacation to Italy, but was forced to return back home due to poor health.

The oldest actor of the Vakhtangov scene is not the first time it appears in a clinic with a health problems. So, in April the artist, according to press reports, was taken to an urgent examination with complaints of heart. Then the experts allegedly found the noise and insisted on immediate hospitalization. However, the artist’s wife denied this information, saying that Vladimir Abramovich feels good and sits beside her “on the couch with prosseco”.

Last year Richter has long been in resuscitation of scientific research Institute Sklifosovsky with a suspected fracture of the cervical spine. In that difficult time condition of the actor was estimated as heavy. Later, however, it became known that the diagnosis was not confirmed — at Etush found only a strong bruise of a back. According to the Director of Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK, the actor fell on the stairs to the clinic. Because of the unpleasant incident had to cancel the play, which played Vladimir Abramovich.

And shortly before that, during a vacation in the country, he was hospitalized with a heart attack.

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