Светлану Моргунову обвинили в алкоголизме Svetlana Morgunova was an icon of Soviet television, but the last time 78-year-old leading to increasingly see pubs with a glass in hand. According to colleagues, the artist not only began to look worse, but began to abuse alcohol. In addition, the star began senile dementia.
Светлану Моргунову обвинили в алкоголизме

It was called a style icon, she was the favorite of millions whose voice has learned, he began to sound — Svetlana Morgunova M. in March, was 78 years old and, according to colleagues, she’s not that charming beauty with an ageless soul, which was some time ago.

“The little old lady in a stale clothes” — so describe her fans. The well-known and recognized — Morgunov increasingly seen in the company of questionable people with a drink in her hand.

“We saw a little old woman in a stale clothes, often carrying nonsense from the scene, and gasped, because it was a legendary and beloved Morgunova!” — said one of the audience of a recent concert in the Kremlin.

Friends and acquaintances of the illustrious presenter confirmed that Svetlana fell into oblivion. Now the star of the Soviet screen rarely invited to the transmission.

“The light 78. To concerts, especially to its transmission no longer call. The money is not enough. Feeling the lack of fulfilment and a feeling that it’s all over, and probably led to the tragedy. And now she, apparently, senile dementia starts to look at it simply terrible. From some resentment at the whole world, she began to drink, suddenly something fell,” — said surrounded by Morgunova.

Informed colleagues Morgunova told that the speaker was always a little screwy. But hard work and endless flights impose not less than a significant impact on the health of the stars.

“In the bitter cold after the flight, partying and sleepless nights Morgunova asked: “Sasha, give me a drink of wine”. Hair better, the same modulated voice, which leads to concerts in the hall of columns and the Kremlin, asked: “Who’s next?” and went on to declare, — said in an interview, musician and filmmaker Alexander Levshin.

Svetlana tried to work in different genres: she led the information program “Time”, introduced Soviet audiences with the TV listings, but the real fame was brought to her musical-entertaining program “Blue light”. She became the star of many issues. Colleagues noted that the lead never turns personal relationships at work. Office romance for her — a taboo, and the relationship with Muslim Magomayev — fiction journalists.

“As for the novels, no, that’s not allowed. Brought up my mother. She is a woman of strict rules. In the family Turgunovich her name is “home General”. Unquestioningly obey my grandmother even my adult son Maxim. But it could not recognize the chain of command: have already graduated from University, served in the army works”, — told Svetlana back in 2005.

According to the edition “Days.ru”, Morgunov in recent years, and only see that in pubs, leaking a glass or two.