85-летний Иван Краско исполнил мечту молодой жены

85-year-old actor Ivan Krasko does everything to make his young wife happy. Despite the talk about the fact that marrying couples with a huge age difference (lovers share more than 50 years) has no chances of success, Ivan and Natalia to prove the opposite and now, more than half live happily and well.

85-летний Иван Краско исполнил мечту молодой жены

Recently, Natalya talked about the fact that it is not ready yet to give birth to children with paint, they say, the reason for this decision was the unresolved housing problem. Enjoy life the couple turns out differently.

The other day the pair returned from a trip to Europe, the couple traveled in Greece, Macedonia and the Czech Republic. In addition, caring Krasko gave his beloved a gift she’s long dreamed of – synth.

“Thank you, my Lord for the gift of my life… Music is life for me. It’s a miracle now adorns our room,” the actress boasted in Instagram.

Note that the reverse of the gift (e.g. a child) Ivan will have to wait.

“The children we think mostly from the male side. A young mum still a little not ready,” — commented the decision of his wife Krasko.

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