Элвис Пресли покончил с собой

David Stanley, who has a half-brother to the legend of rock-n-roll Elvis Presley, has written in his book of memoirs “My brother Elvis,” that famous family member committed suicide, because a few days before the singer died, he warned relatives about your plans.

The author of the book, which will be on sale in August of this year, just under the anniversary of the death of the legendary singer (August 16), tells about the last days of the artist and the possible causes of suicide. David believes that Elvis intentionally took a large amount of drugs, mixed with sedative pain medication to commit suicide. This step was preceded by a prolonged depression. Hard to imagine, but life is bright and cheerful artist, who, it seemed, was full of life and energy behind the scenes was very different.
Stanley saw his brother two days before the death of the latter, and he said he plans to go far and that the next time they meet “at a higher level.” Just hearing about the tragedy, my brother found out that it was a hint.
Mother of Elvis was married to David’s father, when he was already 25 years old, and his half-brother – only four. Despite the large age difference, the brothers talked easily. Stanley says that the sudden death of Presley gave rise to rumours of his death – from an overdose of drugs to commit suicide. The official version was and remains the overdose and, as a consequence cardiac arrest.

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