71-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva showed a slim figure in a bikini

71-летняя Татьяна Васильева продемонстрировала стройную фигуру в бикини The actress was not shy posing Stas Sadalsky during a joint vacation on the beach. Fans were surprised by the explicit scenes, but stressed that Tatiana Vasilieva looks great.
71-летняя Татьяна Васильева продемонстрировала стройную фигуру в бикини

Stas Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilyeva are on tour in the United States. There, they manage not only to work but also spend time on the beach. Recently the actor posted a photo of the female partner around the stage in a bikini. Woman dressed in swimsuit colored and added to the image by using braided hats. It is with pleasure and without hesitation posed for the other.

“In “the Jazz only girls” remember? Tatiana stands at the same place where was the film. But a pretty place”, – has signed a frame man.

Sadalsky has repeatedly admitted his feelings Vasilyeva, emphasizing that she is an incredibly bright and charismatic woman. Photos Actresses often appear in the Instagram men that even gave rise to rumors about their affair. However, Stas and Tatiana have repeatedly stressed that they are connected exclusively to longstanding a friendly relationship.

The unexpected surprised many fans of the actress. They were quick to note that Vasiliev is in great shape, and most importantly, has feminine forms. However, there were those who fell on the star with criticism.

“Beauty Tatiana in perfect shape. It’s supposed to be an older woman”, “Photo not too good, but I think it’s at a bad angle. And Vasiliev is an incredible woman,” “No deceit, all natural and beautiful and it is very pleasing. We have no”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the actors.

Previously Tatiana Vasilieva has been repeatedly recognized that it is important to be in great shape. The star is not shy to talk about plastic surgery, which are repeatedly solved. Moreover, the artist always elegantly dressed and loves bright makeup. What a reverent attitude to their appearance, according to many fans, helping the star to remain relevant in the profession.

Itself Sadalsky happy to share observations encountered during the tour. So, the man noted the difference in the mentality of Russians and Americans, studied aspects of the lives of U.S. citizens and their values. The actor does not hesitate to Express their opinion on a particular issue, although sometimes his words are too sharp. However, it is for this frankness fans appreciate the star of the cinema and theatre.