Мария Адоевцева серьезно обеспокоена здоровьем будущего ребенка Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has her own status can affect the health of the unborn child. Maria Odoevtseva told that he was sick, and asked for support to Internet users.
Мария Адоевцева серьезно обеспокоена здоровьем будущего ребенка

The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Maria Odoevtseva due to your sincerity not only won the love of fans of the show, but other users on the Network. A young woman openly talks about her life and always resonates with subscribers. Last summer, Mary got married with her lover Michael. The couple has two daughters from previous relationships – Lisa Odoevtseva, a native by blood of the child Mary, the daughter of the husband Cook. Now Maria is waiting for the first child.

Pregnant Odoevtseva, which bears the name Kruglykhin, spends all his time with the girls. She recently returned from a trip to Odessa, where her family live. On the way to Moscow woman caught a cold and now very worried about the health of the unborn child, because its condition directly affects the fetus. Maria spoke about this on his page in Instagram and asked for support and advice from their subscribers.

“The train was blasting the air conditioning, which is a little cold, go with a runny nose and a little hot. Remember when she had Lisa, began to forget the alarm, having read that the temperature is very dangerous to the fetus, it is very hot there, causing lack of fetal oxygen. Were saved then by packs of cold towels and fluids. But I’m not sure this is the best method. Please tell me that pregnant can be during starting of a cold as soon as possible to get better?” – posted by Maria Odoevtseva.
Мария Адоевцева серьезно обеспокоена здоровьем будущего ребенка

In the comments to his post, Maria added that she feels still really bad and even asked the priest to pray for her: “Father, pray for me, please really feel badly” she said to the priest. Maria said to contact the specialists she now no way. In her opinion, leaving the house in such a state, it is even more can hurt. Because drugs scare the young woman, the subscribers advised the people’s money and call a doctor at home.

“Try to drink tea with cranberries and lemon. I am during first pregnancy so was cured… I Wish you strength and health!” “Raspberry jam! Drink plenty of cranberry juice and temperature of the active wiping water”, “Call a doctor! And not to go anywhere. This problem should not arise,” wrote Mary subscribers.