70-летний Арнольд Шварценеггер снова сыграет  киборга!
The actor confirmed the shooting of the new “Terminator”.

70-летний Арнольд Шварценеггер снова сыграет  киборга!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has pleased his
fans. He stated that preparatory work on a new project — another film of the franchise
“The terminator” — is in full swing. And
June will start the shooting of the new
a movie that has been dubbed “Terminator 6”.

Arnold, who has already celebrated last summer his 70th day
birth, will once again play a cyborg T-800. In this movie sreli again and still
the role of Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton. The film will be Tim
Miller, the Creator of the franchise, James Cameron, is the author of the concept
the script of this movie, will implement at this time total project management.
We recall that Cameron was directing the first and second “Terminator”. However
the following films — “Terminator 3:
Rise of the machines” and “Terminator: Genesis” and “Terminator: salvation” filming
already other Directors.

“I very much look forward to your
returning to the role of T-800. In advance and look forward to interesting work with Tim
Miller and James Cameron. We “launched” shooting in early summer and hope
to complete them by the middle of October!” — said Schwarzenegger. The plot of the film is kept in strict confidence.
The only detail that has become known, is the fact that the new movie will be
a direct continuation of the second part of the franchise — “Terminator 2: judgment
day.” And yet, as hinted Schwarzenegger, this time the screenwriters decided
focus on the fate of its hero and heroine Linda Hamilton. In
the new movie the other characters from the previous movies is still unknown.