Настасья Самбурская пристыдила Викторию Боню The actress publicly addressed the socialite, who decided to engage her in conversation. Nastasya Samburski said that is not in friendly terms with Victoria Bonneuil, so not going to communicate with her on social networks.
Настасья Самбурская пристыдила Викторию Боню

Star of TV series “Univer” and host of “Revizorro” Nastasya Samburski actively engaged in social networks. The actress often shares his opinions with fans, and sometimes meets well-wishers. Sometimes haters go face and then the artist prefers to block unwanted people. “The feeling that plastic bubbles with air burst. Was annoyed! BAM! And no more pimple and so satisfying,” he shared recently with followers Samburski.

The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Bonya commented on the publication Nastasia. TV presenter admitted that he never blocks a particularly vicious commentators. Victoria explains their behavior banal envy. Samburski familiarized with the response of the Victoria and hastened to meet her. According to the actress, the model tries to be promoted by leaving comments on other people’s pages on Instagram. Nastassja publicly addressed the socialite, asking to leave her alone.

After some time, Samburski, and all chose to stop the discussion that broke out in its publication. The actress has disabled comments to the resonance post and wished fans a good night.

At the moment, Nastasia. The celebrity went on vacation in the UAE. The actress did not miss the chance to ironiziruet about the place of your holiday on social networks. She published the picture, which is captured in a provocative pose. “Looking for a husband? Sunbathing so. I understand your feelings. But you can’t unsee it ever,” he told the actress.

Fans of Nastasia was sympathetic to her humor and wished a pleasant stay. Followers of the actress believe that she has a great figure. Star regularly works out in the gym to keep myself in good shape. Training artist and does not interfere with a busy schedule. Samburski not only plays in the theater, but has worked as a presenter of the program “Revizorro”, replacing Elena Volatile.

That Nastasya was offered a job in the popular show “Friday!”, it became known in November last year. The channel’s General Director Nikolay Kartozia said that the producers long watched the actress, who worked in the “General cleaning”. “And you know what — in it I saw the very quality that is so necessary to our project “Revizorro”: intolerance to any manifestations of injustice and the desire to restore human right. We talked a lot with Nastasia and I, I think, now I know this man’s soul”, – he noted.