54-year-old ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone gave birth to fifth child

54-летняя экс-супруга Сильвестра Сталлоне родила пятого ребенка The actress, known to many in the movies “rocky 4”, “Red Sonja”, became a mother for the fifth time. From Brigitte Nielsen was born a long-awaited daughter. This event surprised many, because the artist is a late bloomer.
54-летняя экс-супруга Сильвестра Сталлоне родила пятого ребенка

A 54-year-old actress Brigitte Nielsen had a daughter. This child was for celebrity’s fifth and the first for her husband, Italian producer Mattia Dessi, to which the celebrity lives for twelve years. Bridget has has four adult sons, the oldest of whom is 34 years old.

At this time, Bridget and her daughter, who was born weighing two pounds, feel great. A girl named Frida, and childbirth took place in Los Angeles. Recall that Nielsen was in a legal relationship with Sylvester Stallone about three years, never had children. In total loving actress five marriages.

“We are pleased to welcome our beautiful daughter in our lives. It was a long way, and it’s worth it. We’ve never been so in love,” shared a happy mom with the press.
54-летняя экс-супруга Сильвестра Сталлоне родила пятого ребенка

Brigitte Nielsen announced its interesting position about a month before the birth. This caused a flurry of discussion from the public. Many began to criticize the woman because she acted very selfishly and subjected to risk not only their health but also the life of the baby, because to give birth at a late age is extremely undesirable. About this news, quickly spoke and infamous blogger Lena Miro. She felt that the actress went mad, deciding on such a desperate act. Lena doesn’t understand why Bridget went to such a step, because she already has four children.

“Why – well, why?! To be fruitful? To please snotty husband’s swarthy-looking? retorted in her usual manner. – Women everywhere went nuts. Cut away itself, with hormones and giving birth at an age which already does not involve procreation. Rod against nature. Strike a devastating blow to your body. Robbed of years of life, and sometimes life itself, triggering intense cancer hormonal therapy. That’s what she lived on earth?”

While Bridget doesn’t talk about what it cost alone to bear the child, and why she resorted to the help of a surrogate mother, as do some celebrities age. Moreover, many assume that Nielsen would hardly be able to conceive the baby the natural way: surely the woman had to go through the procedure of IVF. however, according to the publication People, now the wife think only of the newborn Frida.


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