Daughter Marina Khlebnikova moved to England

Дочь Марины Хлебниковой переехала в Англию In the family of the singer of the acclaimed hit “Cup of coffee” was an unexpected change. The daughter of singer Marina Khlebnikova Dominic enrolled in one of the prestigious universities of England. Now 19-year-old celebrity heiress is rarely in the capital.
Дочь Марины Хлебниковой переехала в Англию

The popular stars of the 90 Marina Khlebnikova has a grown daughter. Some time ago Dominika tried to earn money, speaking in a cafe. She also has good vocal, just like her mother. However, 19-year-old girl decided to get a higher education.

“When Dominic was at school, she didn’t know what profession to inform their future – says “StarHit” the singer Marina Klebnikov. – Wanted to be a doctor and financier…But in the end, the choice has stopped on a speciality the economist. She always stood in mathematics good marks! Final exams passed in high scores. However, my daughter did not like the education system in Russia. Therefore, it was applied to England. Dominica very proud!”

According to the singer, she supported the choice of his daughter from. Now Khlebnikov communicates with her only by phone. “Why are you sad? – continues Marina. – I have the adult daughter, I trust her. The more she is going to come and visit me. We often talk on the phone. For example, recently Dominic was told about the team at the University, it is surrounded by great guys! She already found new friends. The daughter lives in a student campus, where she was allowed to have a kitten. In his spare time he likes to walk around the city, loves the English atmosphere! Disappointed only in the local night clubs, so they are very noisy.

While daughter gnaws granite science, the star of the 90s working tirelessly. Marina never regretted raising money for the only heir. “I have now a season of concerts, says Klebnikov. – Prepare for the next corporate parties. To fly to Dominica! I can not wait our meeting!”.