53-year-old Courteney Cox decided on a child from the man she loved

53-летняя Кортни Кокс решилась на ребенка от любимого мужчины
The actress wants to try to carry the baby herself!

Courteney Cox and johnny Macadam


Recently Courteney Cox made a surprise of many
statement. 53-year-old actress said she plans to have a baby from her
boyfriend johnny Macadam. This
information appeared on the website etonline.com.

As said the actress, who has a daughter
Coco from the former wife of David Arquette, she very much wants another child.
First, Courtney loves to Tinker with young children, and Coco for 13 years and is long gone from “puppy”
age. Besides, the actress is keen that she and her boyfriend had in common

To realize your dream
Courtney decided to go on an unusual way. At her age it would be logical to trust
carrying the child of a surrogate mother. But Cox, who at the time strongly
was worn out before I was able to give birth to Coco, decided to resort to a kind,
pretty rare version of IVF. Courtney said, she would like to take
“donor” egg from another woman, and then, after the procedure
artificial insemination, which will be attended by McDade,
to bear a child herself.

Recall that johnny and Courtney started
to meet once in 2013. in the Summer of 2014 they announced their engagement, but in December
2015, when was the preparing for the wedding, suddenly broke up. However, with
then they made up and now again build a matrimonial plans. Although
Johnny is younger than Courtney by as much as 13
years, as recognized by Cox, it is quite confusing. “The age difference is
not a problem for us. We have a much deeper relationship!” says