51-year-old Janet Jackson is thinking about a second child

51-летняя Джанет Джексон задумалась о втором ребенке
The singer wants to give birth to the man she loved.

51-летняя Джанет Джексон задумалась о втором ребенке

Janet Jackson


51-летняя Джанет Джексон задумалась о втором ребенке

Germain Dupree

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Janet Jackson, who at the beginning of last year gave birth to
my firstborn son Assu, planned a second child. 51-year-old singer sure
that there is nothing impossible. After all, if she was able the first time to conceive and
to bear a child after celebrating its 50th birthday
how Janet hopes to do so a second time is unlikely to be difficult.

Jackson, who is currently divorcing the father Assy —
businessman, billionaire Wissam al Manna wants to have a second child from
her boyfriend Germaine Dupree, with whom, according to the official version, it has converged after left
husband. However, in fact, Janet and
Germain met much earlier.

Dupree, 45-year-old music producer, Janet
dated for 7 years — from 2002 to 2009. She broke up shortly before
how she began an affair with her husband Wissam al manna. However, according to
Al Mann, Janet continued to secretly support
the relationship with Germain in the
the time when there was a legitimate wife. Moreover, al Mann hinted
that Janet allegedly cheated on him with Dupree, and intends to use this “fact” in
the battle for my son. Because each of the child’s parents, and Jackson, and al Mann
fighting for getting sole custody of son.

We will remind, baby Assu Jackson gave birth in January 2017. With
the boy’s father by Wissam has already become
third husband of the singer, she met in 2010 at a party to celebrate the opening of
a new hotel in Dubai, and the wedding with al Manna she played in 2012. the Decision to leave her husband, she took just three months after the birth Assy.

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