Yana Churikova has experienced a natural disaster in Switzerland

Яна Чурикова пережила природный катаклизм в Швейцарии
The presenter was seriously scared during a holiday in the Alps.

Yana Churikova

Photo: Instagram

Yana Churikova, who tries every winter
spending vacation at a ski resort, has experienced a terrible natural phenomenon
in the Alps.

“Muscovites are dreaming of snow, don’t overdo it. More than two meters a few days attacked in
Swiss Zermatt — says TV presenter. — The last time this local
the mountains seen in 1978. It is symbolic that this is the year of my birth. Would know
the Swiss are my feature to attract adventure, I’d to let me
or not. But it was too late. I have already arrived, and the Alps showed the class.

Avalanche danger level is “5” ( highest)
snow blocked roads, rail links cancelled, 13,000
could not leave the city for several days, service ermatchkova
heliport established evacuation helicopter for 80 euros from the nose, the turn of the 500
people, including children, in the cold, the volunteers were supplied with food and hot
drinks… All in a good blockbuster.

Well at least with a happy ending, my family already at home
although Tasia missed school and I work.

Conclusions: 1) 80 € per person — normal price for the helicopter.
2) I Love to ride — love and skate, but be prepared for the unexpected. 3) the Word
“obstruction” about Affairs at work, I no longer use. 4) planes Fly
checked airline. Even with a penalty, but moved our tickets when
it became clear that we were stuck and on the flight we won’t. 5) is Not in vain Swiss
emergency services and the Russian Ministry of emergency situations and exchange experiences with each other: mountains are not
have nationality, they have their own laws. 6) a line from a song of group “Demo”, “how
an avalanche of snow in the mountains we will cover happiness” — declared artistic
untenable. So-so image colleagues.”