50-летняя Джанет Джексон поправилась на 43 кг за время первой беременности

This spring fans of Janet Jackson appeared serious reason to rejoice for their favorite. At that time 49-year-old singer told that she was forced to interrupt your tour due to unforeseen circumstances that have made her the happiest person on earth. Jackson was in an interesting position. Its importance, this event has attracted not only because of the age of the actress, but due to the fact that Janet was to be born her first child.

“My life has changed dramatically, and I really want you to know about it first. My husband and I are planning to expand our family, so I will have to postpone my tour. Please try to understand me, because to me everything that is happening in my life right now! My doctors have advised me to get plenty of rest. But I remember about you and will continue the tour as soon as possible!” — this statement was made by the singer.

As expected, pregnancy was for Jackson hard test. The body of the singer require much support, and the baby requires food for its growth and development. These factors are the reason that the singer has put on 43 pounds. Now her weight is 113 pounds. To avoid possible complications, doctors had prescribed a limitation of physical activity and strict bed rest.

To experience such difficulties Janet left quite a bit, because according to calculations, the baby should be born soon.