СМИ объявили о смерти Виктора Пелевина
Fans learned about the death of the writer in Germany.

A few hours ago, the Russian literary community was shocked with terrible news: he died of writer Victor Pelevin. Information about his death was posted on a social network his own fan club. “Friends, fans, today received the sad news from Germany: Victor Olegovich died last night during a seance… a Funeral the day after tomorrow in Gelsenkirchen…” — says the publication on the page in Facebook.

Despite the fact that official confirmation has not yet arrived, the news of the departure of the writer from life with lightning speed distributed in the Network. Meanwhile, many fans of Pelevin can’t believe what happened and maybe, by the way, do the right thing. The fact that recently released a new book by Victor “Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons”. So, it is possible that the sudden “death” of the author is nothing like a PR stunt aimed at increasing sales of his new “child”.

By the way, assuming it was a joke, that Pelevin is not the first invented to attract media attention to his person such cruel jokes. Some time ago his own death played a Hollywood actor Jack black, or rather his colleagues in a rock band. At different times in such a cruel to the fans acceptance of ran Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and many other celebrities.