46-летняя Алена Хмельницкая похвасталась гибкостью тела The actress showed a great stretch. Alena Khmelnitskaya tries to devote time to sports. Fans were delighted and I admire her strength of will, and the result inspires them to workout.
46-летняя Алена Хмельницкая похвасталась гибкостью тела

Famous actress Alena Khmelnytsky managed to surprise their fans. She posted a photograph on the sports Mat. The artist sits in a cross-section twine, and the body tilted on one foot, demonstrating impeccable flexibility. Celebrity said that this is what starts her morning in St. Petersburg, where she arrived for work. In the Northern capital are shooting a new project, which involved Khmelnytsky.

Subscribers in the social network have admired the fact that 46-year-old actress is in fine form. They noted that not everyone can boast of such a brilliant result. Followers admitted that for them it’s a big stretch Alena was the impetus to sports.

“If I tried to do that, I will have another half day to unwind and collect back! And not the fact that successful, super, Super and super again! Smart, beautiful and very talented girl,” “an Incredible stretch. You constantly surprise!” – left the reviews of many fans of Khmelnytskyi.

Alena Khmelnitskaya compete with Anastasia Volochkova

Fans know that Allen leads a healthy lifestyle and devoting time to sports. However, the actress indulges in good food and know how to enjoy different dishes. She told me that prefers to eat with deliberation, enjoying every bite.

“I love Breakfast! Especially the breakfasts at hotels. Slowly to choose something, mainly uncharacteristic for his usual Breakfast. For example, a croissant with butter and jam, a long drink of coffee and just look around. You are a traveler, on the road. On business or on holiday – not important, but the time just allows you to get away from everyday life, something to think about, something to dream . And I appreciate this moment,” admitted the actress.

Now Khmelnytska busy making new paintings, “Expect the unexpected” based on the detective Tatiana Ustinova. Together with her mother in Northern capital has arrived and is the daughter of actress Xenia. She played a cameo role, but the girl didn’t like being in the crowd.