Jessica Chastain has joined the cast of “X-Men”

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The famous actress and the winner of awards “Golden globe” for best actress in the genre of “drama” red — haired Jessica Chastain will join the cast of the film “X-Men: the Dark Phoenix”.

Shooting in Montreal is in full swing and the actors sometimes share interesting material from the set. For example, recently it became known that Jean grey as a child would play the star of the series “Ancient” — summer Fountain. Also, Jessica Chastain in your profile in the network instagram has posted photos, which shows she and James McAvoy. McAvoy plays the role of Professor Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath and the Director of the school of mutants. So it has officially confirmed the rumors about his participation in the film. She added a humorous caption that says, “Hey, James McAvoy, ready to meet in Montreal? I will make you cry.” This signature proves the speculation of fans about what the actress will play the main villain of the film.

That actress is who plays the main antagonist of the new part, fans began to talk immediately after the announcement of the film Studio 20th Century Fox.

The role of the actress in the movie is not yet disclosed, but the fans in full cry that Chastain will play antagonist Lilandra Neramani, the ruler of the Shi’ar Empire. It is worth noting that in the comics, the alien was the wife of Charles Xavier, but soon their marriage was destroyed because of one incident.

Another adaptation of a comic book about mutants called “X-Men” talk about the Dark Phoenix, an entity that lives in the telepath Jean grey. The first time the entity was shown at the end of the previous section, the “X-Men: Apocalypse”, which was the hint of a sequel. Jean grey plays a red-haired Sophie Turner, star of the popular series “Game of thrones”. Partner Chastain in the film, James McAvoy this is the fourth film in which he plays a major role.