44-year-old Kate Beckinsal resumed an affair with a young lover

44-летняя Кейт Бэкинсейл возобновила роман с молодым любовником
The actress does not mind the age difference of 22 years.

Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale who divorced her
spouse len Ismanam, not long to be sad alone. 44-year-old actress in full
enjoying the affair with her young lover — 22-year-old handsome Matt
The rife making a career in stand-up comedy.
On the days the paparazzi managed to photograph a couple in a diner in Los Angeles, where the actress and her boyfriend
kissing on the mind at all, as two teenager. At the same time they do not bother
the fact that they are photographed.

This scene took place six months after
they first appeared together in public. Then the paparazzi catches them
kissing passionately at the home of actress. However, after that their pretty long
seen together and all agreed that the novel pair was interrupted. But recently, Matt appeared
again. It all started with the fact that Kate, among other Hollywood Actresses
complained about Harvey Weinstein. She said that Harvey tried to seduce her in
hotel room when she was just 17 years old. And when she rejected the “advances” producer,
lost proposed to her earlier work, and her career in General has suffered because of
her refusal. And after public speaking Beckinsale, rife decided to support
Kate. First, he wrote to her, then they met… And it all started again.

Curiously, the only daughter of actress Lily
only 3.5 years older than boyfriend my mom. But this fact, it seems that the actress does not bother. Lily Kate had a baby with her
boyfriend actor Michael sheen, with whom she lived for 8 years — from 1995 to 2003
years. And after breaking up with Shin, she married a Wiseman. Their marriage
lasted from 2004 to 2016, when they decided to end their marriage.
However, officially the Len and Kate divorced just this year.