Stas Kostyushkin frankly explained why he left his wife

Стас Костюшкин откровенно рассказал, почему бросил жену
The singer made a public confession.

Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina

Photo: @stas_kostyushkin_official Instagram Stas Kostushkin

The beginning of the novel Stas Kostushkin with his current wife Julia were accompanied by a big scandal. The fact that 13 years ago when I met with her the actor was already married to the dancer Olga. Moreover, his eldest son Martin at the time was only one year. But neither the marriage nor the small child is not kept Kostyushkina in the family. Many of his friends after the incident, turned away from him, openly condemning his act.

Stas recalls, he realized the responsibility for Olga Martin. He tried to convince himself the idea to throw them, but could not. “And now she sits in my car, and she has such an incredible smile and eyes! And I swam… Telling myself, “Calm down! You have a family, your child year – calm down!” I, in principle, not Casanova, and really doubting myself. Never went left or right. In my life there were four girls, three of them I married…” — admitted the Stas in the show “My hero.”

Subsequently, the Stas and Yulia became one of the brightest pairs of show business. Now they had growing up two sons, Bohdan and Myron. Steam never ceases to confess each other in love. Recently the singer and his wife have done paired tattoo as a sign of eternal love. Recently Kostyushkin has offered to host the new family show on the channel “Yu”. In the “Dads and mums” singer and TV presenter reveals the secrets of a happy family life and openly discuss the most pressing issues of pregnancy and motherhood.