43-летняя Тайра Бэнкс решилась на второго ребенка
Model wants to give her son a sister.

Tyra banks with her son

Photo: Instagram

Tyra banks and her boyfriend, Norwegian photographer Erik Asla vengeance
working on the second child. However, in their case, it means not exactly
which usually, because of tyra, which revealed problems in health,
he wants to entrust the mission of carrying your future child the surrogate
mother. And now they are preparing to sign a new contract. This information
appeared on the website lifeandstyle.com.

As told one of the bridesmaids banks, tyra from the
start dreaming about the two children. And when she born her son York, she’s up
to give him a sister. Banks longed for the girl to braid her pigtails
and to choose the most beautiful dress… As admitted tyra, she’s just in awe
the role of the mother. “When York was very tiny, I often came by night to his
the crib and touched, although he didn’t cry. I stood and held him for a long time,
hugging her, not thinking that in the morning I have another photo session, and I
need to look awake…” she said in an interview.

Now the firstborn Tyra York —for almost half a year. Surrogate mother’s name
which banks managed to keep secret, gave birth to York in February last year.
Recently tyra has pleased his fans by sharing with them photos grown
son, which she tweeted. According to fans, banks, boy
inherited amazing eyes of his mother and farther away, the more
becoming like her. However, the very tyra said it
when the baby was very tiny that, as it seems, the child inherits a little of both
parents: “he’s Got fingers just like mine. And the same eyes! But his mouth and chin
he inherited from his father…”