42 вещи с фруктовым принтом, которые можно добавить в свой гардероб прямо сейчас

Fruits and berries became, perhaps, the same essential trend every summer season, floral prints. Designers try to incorporate these motifs in their collections every year, because these juicy, positive outfits will make summer even brighter and will brighten up a cloudy day, if the sun is close the rain clouds. Nearing the harvest season — so why not enrich our bodies your wardrobe before the onset of autumn? SPLETNILK.RU studied a range of shops and gathered clothes and accessories with fruit prints from budget models to Deluxe, you can add to your wardrobe right now.

Many things with the image of an abundance of vegetable and fruit Department in the market seem to be too frivolous and childish — is suitable for children only. Nevertheless, quite solid brands do not hesitate to add playful prints on clothes and accessories. So, in the summer collection 2016 Dolce & Gabbana bloomed a lemon garden designers offered fashionable women and tunics and dresses and bags and shoes with citrus motifs reminiscent of hot Sicily.

At the last fashion Week in Berlin, the fruit is also enough. Austrian designer Lena hosek offered fashionistas and light knitted sweaters with bananas, and the combination of rich fruit prints with nautical stripes and romantic ruffles.

The most popular from year to year are lemons, watermelons, pineapples, strawberries, cherries and bananas. So, refreshing the wardrobe, you can still focus on your gastronomic cravings. Yellow shades perfect for creating a catchy actual image, the banana is great for fans of bold, youth bows, as well as the large pineapple prints don’t mix with the rest of the fruit salad.

Of course, as with any bright elements, with fruit prints in clothes is always to comply with the measure. Dressing up from head to toe in gifts of nature, perhaps, is only if you go help Granny in the garden and need something to cheer yourself up. Otherwise it is better to choose a few plain things in a muted or pastel, though the classic blue jeans will look great, for example, a white t-shirt with the lemon print.

For those who prefer a more minimalist style, but still not against a little experimentation and looking for more original accents for the image than just contrast accessories, also do not neglect the fruit theme. Moreover, the selection of accessories is truly great — from jewelry to shoes. Miniature cherries look great as earrings or a fastener, and a piece of watermelon is just perfect for a clutch or belt bags form. Still life will decorate the shoes — these can be stilettos, and comfortable mules or loafers. Add the fruit mood with the help of appliqué on hats and bright silk scarf, and the humble can start with the purchase of business card holder or wallet with some juicy fruit.

How do you feel about fruit prints?