41-летняя Диана Вишнева родила первенца
The famous ballerina was a long-awaited son.

41-летняя Диана Вишнева родила первенца

Diana Vishneva

Diana Vishneva and her husband Konstantin Salinovich long-awaited son was born. At the end of last
year, representatives of the Moscow Beau Monde stared at the ballerina,
which hid her normally slight figure under bulky clothes. Riddles
no more: it became known that the firstborn of Diana and Konstantin was born
May 13.

Last year Diana was not able to participate actively in
own choreography festival Context, she said, “on the recommendations
the doctors”. It is unknown how the young parents named their son, and when Vishneva
will be back on the scene.

Recall, the wedding dancer, and producer has played five
years ago in Hawaii. The feast was held in the same hotel for a month
before this married the daughter of Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia. Vishneva chose to
ceremony fancy dress: colorful corset decorated with feathers, and transparent
the long skirt. The bride’s head is crowned with an elegant lace headband with rhinestone
feathers, to which were attached long veil. The groom was dressed in bright red
suit. The ceremony took place on the beach, which in connection with a ceremonial event
was decorated with white ribbons, garlands and balloons. The guests were distributed
Hawaiian floral wreaths.

It is curious that only a year ago, Diana, who has already
so many years happily married, was suspected of Roman Abramovich. Interest
billionaire to the star ballet gossip has long been noted. It was reported that
they met at a private party. Diana so delighted owner of FC
Chelsea, that he even sponsored (this we know for certain) it
own large-scale project — the international festival of modern choreography.

One is not particularly troubled by the fact that
Novel at the time, was connected by marriage, and Diana is also proprietary. But the fact
the fact remains: in may 2017
personal luxury Boeing Abramovich landed at the airport of Perm, which in those days
Vishneva took part in the closing of Diaghilev’s festival. Why did he go
I arrived not as a sponsor or fan of the ballet, and remained unclear.

Diana Vishneva with her husband Konstantin