«Опять 25»: Алла Пугачева снова вернулась на сцену
She gave a solo concert in Saint-Petersburg.

Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Almost 10 years ago, Alla Pugacheva has made a sensational statement that leaves the stage. No one believed in the fact that the prima Donna of the national stage will never sing. But it was at first. The maximum that yourself “allowed” singer is to sing a song at his own festival “Christmas meetings”.

But in recent years Alla Borisovna though, and was busy with her young children, Harry and Lisa, but really missed the stage. She began to accept the invitations of the organizers of concerts and occasionally sang in front of audience. New year’s eve Pugacheva has presented a new song, which, however, was not very well accepted by the public. And now she, apparently, returned to their core business. Alla gave a recital in St. Petersburg in the framework of the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum.

According to eyewitnesses, Pugacheva very quickly, “raskochegarit” respectable people. Just a couple of songs — and the business almost broke into a dance. It was clear that she Alla gets incredible pleasure from their own performance. She announced the song, engage in dialogue with the audience. The singer also said that next year will definitely make a great show in honor of his 70th birthday, and this concert was the first rehearsal of the future concert.

“I will honestly tell you that these songs, I rarely sing, I have a new program. I have her whole life to collect. It is unlikely you need a new program, but I’ll try for 70 years to sing something. What grandma no one will be hurt — everybody will be there to sit and clap. Do you know why you love me? Because I love you. Because all my life I put on these songs for you. I now live differently. It took me another life I do not even know. But now I with pleasure will remember those songs that were iconic for me,” said the Diva “KP”.