30-летняя Рианна рассталась с женихом
The singer threw a billionaire because of his jealousy.

Rihanna and Hasan Jamil

Rihanna has dumped her fiance, billionaire Hassan Jamil. This
information is indirectly confirmed by the paparazzi photos and testimony
witnesses of the scene, played out a couple of weeks ago in Puerto Vallara (Mexico).
Rihanna and her boyfriend came there to relax, but instead
enjoy the sun and sea, the singer and her lover began to quarrel violently.

One particularly violent altercation, played out in public, left heavy
impression. What were you arguing about Rihanna and Hassan, is not known. However, as
say the gossips, the cause of the conflict was jealousy of Jamil. As they
spend time together not all the time, Hassan often seems that Rihanna is he
changes. He is jealous of every man that appears near her, and
satisfied wild scene. The singer is tired, and she decided to put an end to them

Leaving behind his affair with Jamil, Rihanna decided to take him in
the last time she relaxed a bit. The singer made a remarkable recovery, but even
not trying to lose weight, because Jamil its shape liked. Now she decided
take yourself in hand and plans to return to its former shape. To this end, the Rihanna
hired a cook specializing in dietary cuisine and began to engage in
the gym under the guidance of a coach for two hours a day.

Recall that on the novel of Rihanna and Hassan first began in the summer of 2017, when the paparazzi photographed them frolicking in the pool at
the Villa in Spain. They were later seen in a restaurant in London, then in Boston. It seemed that their romance will lead to marriage, but this is not