Наталья Рудова проводит отпуск с сыном миллиардера Сергея Саркисова
The actress resting in nice.

Natalia Rudova and Sergey Sarkisov

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Rudova, which is now resting in nice, has intrigued fans.
First, the actress visited the concert of beyoncé singing his dream, and the next
a day spent in the company of 19-year-old Sergey Sarkisov, the son of the owner of “RESO-guarantee” Sergei E. Sarkisov.

Natalia has published in his Instagram a joint with a young man the but comments
prudently off. Interestingly, it has long been rumored that between them something
more than friendship:
Rudova and Sarkisov often attend the same events, relax in the company
common acquaintances.

What you know about Sergei? He is a student at MGIMO economist
and while working in father’s company. Friends
Sarkisova from many celebrities: for example, Egor Krid
and Fedor Smolov. Two years ago he had an affair with aspiring singer Anastasia

About the novels of Natalia’s Employment is known very little. There were rumors that the actress met
with actor Michael Aramyan and lead singer of the band MBAND Artem