21 месяц тюрьмы: Лионель Месси хочет откупиться и во всем винит отца
Due to the tax fraud the player can lose not only money but also freedom.

Lionel Messi, who’s been recognized as the best player in the world, caught on tax evasion

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Looks like
inability to handle money — a problem not only Russian players.
Striker of FC “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, who’s been recognized as the best
player in the world, caught on tax evasion.

the trouble 29-year-old Argentinian with a Spanish justice began to speak
for a long time, and today the court of Catalonia has set in the history of tax fraud
final point: Messi and his father were found guilty of evasion
taxes. According to the results of the investigation, from 2007 to 2009 football
star hid from the authorities € 4 million. The money derived in Belize and Uruguay,
what has been completely proved.

by Messi is also 21 months in prison sentenced his father Jorge, who
for many years leads all financial Affairs of the football player. Judging by the loss,
what is Messi in recent weeks, commenting on the situation, the latter was for him
a big blow, even than the sentence: he fully trusted the father and did not
expected that he would fail him under the prosecution. “I played football. I have no idea
nothing had. I trusted my father and my lawyers,” said Messi a month ago. The words of the player is confirmed by its financial Advisor, stating
in court that Messi had never seen the tax returns and certainly nothing
signed, and all decisions were made by his father. And he controlled them

Messi insists that were victims of bad counselors, sad combination
circumstances and credulity. It is not known whether they will be
to appeal the verdict. Also not very clear if Jorge will continue to lead
finances son.

in the chamber Lionel will never spend a day — unless, of course, will pay a fine in 3.5
million euros: 2 million for itself and 1.5 for father. According to the Spanish laws in
less than two years and “pure” biography Messi will get off with conditional term.

Last circumstance has caused Internet bloggers a whole
a wave of arguments about that before the actual release Messi in the sentence “not enough”
only three months: “I Wonder, would the court also forgiving
someone less famous?”

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