Иван Жидков спас жизнь незнакомой девушке
Actor it risked its own security.

Ivan Zhidkov

Photo: Instagram

Talking about
the incident, Ivan Zhidkov no secret that shocked by the stupidity of the girl he had saved. Returning home late at night, actor in the high-speed tunnel saw an expensive car with
the emergency signal.

“Ahead, about two hundred yards, the tunnel ran girl, — said Ivan. — She really threatened
danger: the machines raced with great speed, and she had nowhere to go — only
forward, in the fast lane. At this time it rained hard, the water flow into the tunnel, the asphalt was wet. Miraculously, seizing the moment, I braked and shoved the girl into the car”. It turned out that in her car, which she left in the tunnel, ran out of gas. In fact, we all know that the car in advance “warning”,
it’s time to refuel. But the girl didn’t pay attention to it, and the car stalled right in the middle of the tunnel. We drove her to the gas station, filled in a canister
petrol and came back. I had no idea what a miracle to stay in this thread to fill up her car…”

When Ivan drove up to the place, the miserable car drivers were intact. But as it turned out, the girl did not even put the emergency sign! Because of this, an accident in which he suffered four cars and the huge stopper was formed.

“At your own risk of being beaten by the motorists I filled her gasoline — continues Ivan, and the pack of men who decided it
my car and raced to beat me, I’ve been told that just helped to fill
the car of a strange woman. In short, if you, guys, contrary to common sense, after all
decided that you the drivers, please turn on the brain! Because of this immediacy,
people suffer!”

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