101-year-old Zeldin was in the hospital and feels bad

101-летний Зельдин попал в госпиталь и чувствует себя плохо

The actor is already October is under the supervision of doctors at the hospital.

The reason for the hospitalization of Vladimir Zeldin was unstable blood pressure. For the past three weeks, the doctors are trying to figure out what is the reason, and keep him under surveillance.

Thus, according to the words of his wife, artist Yvette Kapralova, Vladimir kept optimistic and wants to go home. Moreover, in September, he worked actively: participated on the city Day, took part in the play “uncle’s dream”.

“Wladimir is a fighter. Him lie on the bed don’t like. But vital forces it a lot more. So what are we going to get better. I want to go on stage. Especially in this season he played the plays,” said Ivette E., writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Wife Zeldin also noted that in social networks it is not, and a page in Facebook under his name, most likely, lead colleagues, or fans.

“My friends told me that there is such a page, but Vladimir Mikhailovich don’t have to do with this. We don’t look in the Internet,” confessed Yvette E..

About the health Zeldin, we recall, was worried back in April of this year. Then in mass media there was information that he was in the hospital. Fortunately, it rodsvennikov reassured journalists: Vladimir Mikhailovich just picked up a virus, like all ordinary people, nothing serious. Read HERE.

In General, forces the actor and truth abound. Hope that soon he will recover and will return to the stage!