10-летний школьник был задержал полицией за чтение Гамлета в центре Москвы The boy was sent to the police station “Arbat”, because he was reciting Shakespeare on the street. According to eyewitnesses, law enforcement officers suspected child begging. At the moment the family “street Prince” produces a counter-complaint against representatives of law and order.
10-летний школьник был задержал полицией за чтение Гамлета в центре Москвы

Ten Oscar often reads poetry on the Arbat, causing a lot of positive emotions from passers-by. In early may on the website of journalist Alexander Minkin in the social network appeared the video, in which the child recites William Shakespeare.

“Prince street. I have never seen anywhere, ever. The boy on the Arbat reads hamlet’s soliloquy “to Be or not to be”. Other earned break dancing and twerking. But my hero – this hamlet, and not shaking her ass,” said the man in the video captions.

However, on may 26, police detained the boy while reciting poetry. Oscar suspected of begging. At this moment together with him was the stepmother. The eyewitness of the incident said that three men in uniform approached the child and literally dragged him into the police car.

“Reciting poetry I have ever seen. From the side it looked like a rather humdrum story for the neighborhoods of Arbat, where employees of departments on Affairs of minors has always been a lot of work. Thought maybe the child begged or ran away from home, and they found it and trying to get to the office,” said the man.

Oscar force put into a car, then taken to the police station “Arbat”. The footage, filmed by the witnesses of the incident it is noticeable that the baby was actively kicking and screaming.

May 26 22:49 OVD “Arbat” drove Ilya Skavronski, the father of the child, as well as lawyers Samorukova Anastasia and Tatiana Solomina. Parent of Oscar said that his son performs on the theatrical stage, and recitation of poems on the street helps him cope with the complexes.

“My wife was sitting reading a book and the child recites “hamlet”. Was approached by the police, about something they talked without her. Then I tied him, there is a video of what happened. Began to push she came over, tried to prevent this,” says the father of the injured Ilya Skavronski.

May 26 23:54 the office of the information response of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow spoke about the detention of the boy. According to police, the child was engaged in begging.

“The police, he could not say where his parents, so they decided that in the center of Moscow without parents. The boy was not detained but later picked up and taken to the Department because he was in the center of Moscow alone. The mother was summoned to the police for investigation,” – said in his statement to law enforcement officials.

A little later, Ilya Skowronski said that his wife drew up a Protocol on administrative violation under article 5.35 of the code of administrative offences (failure of parents of juvenile rearing responsibilities). To sign a document the woman refused. The anxious parent also complained that during the detention, the police behaved rudely, tore the stepmother of Oscar the clothes and a smashed tablet computer.

May 26 23:58 preteen and his parents go home, and the lawyer Tatyana Solomina made a statement in his “Twitter” that the relevant authorities will be engaged.

“There will be an internal check on the actions of officers who detained child. The broken tablet inspected by the Profiler” – said Solomin.

The Network does not cease discussing the incident with Oscar on the Arbat. “Police today seized him in broad daylight. The street was quite light. The child was not in any kind of danger. And he is not a danger to others. Police were able to call teachers, psychologist, but they used force,” wrote Alexander Minkin, dedicating a new post to Prince street.

Blogger Mikhailov Gennady notes that Arbat has changed, because before there were constantly people with poems and songs. “You keep away from poets and musicians on the streets, they earn their bread by their labor and creativity,” said the man.

Most people supported the father of Oscar, who intends to file a complaint against the police. According to Skowronski, he did not understand why this could happen.

“This is actually the kidnapping was. To the child who was in a public place, approached the police, not pictured. Did not present any characters that must be present when such things, put the child in the car and drove away. I can’t, of course, to accuse anyone. With the child was not the child’s mother, and my wife. As for the incident, they even did not show anything after the fact. Just put us out of the office and told them to go home,” said Ilya in conversation with journalists.

Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova promised to investigate the situation. A few hours ago the Chairman of the Commission for the support of family, children and motherhood Public chamber of Russia Diana Gurtskaya said he believes the right of law enforcement.

“Now deployed some kind of wild baiting the police who took the child from the street. Believe that their actions are justified. What he recited hamlet and not holding a sign about saving the lives of sick mother changes nothing, explained Gurtskaya. And let me remind you that the penal code establishes liability for involving a minor in vagrancy and begging”.

Based on the materials varlamov.ru “media zones” and “TASS”.