Pregnant Elena Armin van Buuren tried on a wedding dress

Беременная Елена Подкаминская примерила свадебное платье
The actress showed off her husband.

Elena Armin van Buuren and Leonid Baratz

Photo: @podkaminskaya_official Instagram

Elena Armin van Buuren was again married, true, yet not true, and the “screen”. In the microblog actress appeared photo was taken on the set of the continuation of the painting “what men talk About”. Elena was captured in a wedding dress in the arms of her “husband” — Leonid Baraza.

Leonid, in turn, showed the photo with Armin van Buuren and their “daughter”. “See each other once in five years, no life, no responsibilities and worries. What do we have a happy marriage with Lena!” — joked the actor.

It’s funny, but Elena really will soon become a mother for the second time. The first months of Armin van Buuren secret that is in a “situation”. But recently declassified forthcoming happy event. The name of the father of the future child actress hides. New elect Elena is not a public person. To go with him to light the actress has no plans. However, the former Elena’s husband — businessman Alexander Placeway, with whom she had a daughter Pauline, was as closed to the public character. Importantly, the father of her unborn child is not an actor, says Armin van Buuren.

Elena said that she wants a son, but, of course, will be happy and another daughter. By the way, little Pauline already prepared for the fact that it will have brother or sister. “Of course, Polina’s now a lot of questions, she is trying to understand the new circumstances. If you knew, what quantity of months around this topic lined up a great job. My dad, big thanks to him, has created a whole cycle of tales that metaphorically, not directly open to Polina’s sense of change in our lives, and Polina understood and surprisingly responded to it. My choice is also an intelligent man and intelligent, he very wisely builds his relationship with Pauline. All our communication is friendship, play, lots of laughter, interesting conversations and the love and care!” — said Elena.