10 правил стиля от Александра Рогова

The stylist Alexander Rogov told about the main rules of the perfect appearance.

Dress code

  • Someone else’s wedding not to wear white or red dress. These two colors attract too much attention. Also, do not put on a wedding black color because it’s too complicated, leave it to men’s suits. The rule “you cannot look brighter main girls this holiday” works for men: keep your man didn’t look like the groom, or Vice versa – as a handyman.
  • There are internal dress codes where you go. Of course, if you were invited to a cocktail party and the invitation said to be in fancy dress”, it is clear that you go there in a dress. But there are events where the invitations are not sent. For example, the interview can’t come in high heels and lace dress with sweetheart neckline. Indecent for a meeting with the parents of your boyfriend to go to cocktail dress. And if you go to a meeting with Alexander horn, can wear the whole fashion Arsenal, but don’t forget – if you have to stand two hours in shoes with high heels is likely to be uncomfortable. Fashion is logic, if you will think logically and reason, you’re good to go. Can even simulate the shape with a single clutch.
  • Hairstyle

    3. Long hair always look beautiful if the girl has a time in their styling. But it happens rarely. So short hair on the shoulders is always better than long hair that you don’t know what to do, and so just wear them, taking in the tail.

    Choosing the right haircut is not oblique bangs and no asymmetry with some locks and shaved the letters. Proper grooming – for example, the caret, which visually seals the hair. She even without makeup will change a person. But if the master simply told you to do oblique bangs run and not go back to this salon. Bangs is the sequel to the haircut, and not a separate item on the face.

    4. If after the salon told you “You look so great!”, and said, “Oh, did you dye it?” – so you are very well painted. The specialist should work on the color so that you look natural. Now good masters paint so that the hair after the salon if not painted. It is also convenient since you don’t need every two weeks to dye my hair again.

    5. If you love curls – don’t forget that they should not be such that they could be counted. Modern locks is negligent laying. Screw the hair, wait until they cool off. And calmly hands them disassemble or comb with a large tooth comb. Then they will look great: sloppy and beautiful.

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