Sex, and more: Vodonaeva showed what goes through the house

Секс, да и только: Водонаева показала, в чем ходит по дому

The media personality shared with followers a photo in erotic negligee.

Alain Vodonaeva – girl sexy. She is ready to show its beauty not only the groom Anton Korotkov, but to all the subscribers of their “Instagram”. And they have it a lot – almost half a million.

Recently Vodonaeva showed what goes through the house. And it turned out that it is not jeans with a t-shirt as you would think, a sexy black negligee. Fans immediately noticed that in that lingerie on the cover of men’s magazine not ashamed to appear.

“Yesterday before going to sleep Liu nicely he did my hair. Gave a special net and told to sleep very carefully. What do you think this morning was on my head?” – signed photo of the media personality.

However, the subscribers immediately the question arose: who is the lucky photographer?.. But then the answer seems obvious. Because Alain never ceases to repeat how happy she is with her boyfriend.

As for the 6-year-old son of star Bogdan, he must be, all the while watching mom. Because the presenter has admitted that she loves to dress up for him including. And certainly does not allow himself to appear in front of the disheveled son.

“I want my son knew from childhood that you can have Breakfast not only with a good man Katya, but a real beauty. Try this feeling to instill in him, as something told the star.

By the way, in this respect the opinion of fans was divided. While some very clever endeavor fully supported, other similar images was considered too vulgar.