Ksenia Sobchak will play in the theatre and in the later stages of pregnancy

Ксения Собчак будет играть в театре и на поздних сроках беременности

The pregnant star has no plans to go on maternity leave and will return to the theatre in September.

Judging by the new pictures of Ksenia from fashion week in Paris, the TV presenter is already on the fifth month, no less. But pregnant Sobchak continues to attend social events, flying to all corners of the world, to do yoga and, as it turned out, about the decree she even thinks!

A year ago in the theatre of Nations took place the premiere of performance “Marriage” by Gogol. The main role in it were distributed as follows: Maxim Vitorgan – the groom, Anna Ukolova – bride Agatha, and Sobchak got the role of matchmakers Thecla Ivanova.

The production features very modern scenery, and costumes… Which is only surreal outfit Sobchak: with the shoes on a huge platform, gold leggings, and a tight frilly dress. Fans wonder: how pregnant She it stands, is not afraid of shoes like that? And because the performance runs 2 hours and 50 minutes! There’s so much pressure for women waiting for baby!

And you know what? Despite their situation, She is not going to have a baby. On the contrary, it again in September, will take the stage.

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“In early June we played the last show with Ksenia Sobchak, – said the correspondent of Woman’s Day actress Anna Ukolova. Now I’ll see you in the new season will go on stage on September 20 or 21. Second team doubles and none of us no. Xenia, like other actors involved, attended all the rehearsals.

What kind of person is she? One I didn’t do anything wrong, that for me is always good and beautiful. Ksenia is. Work together, get along, no reproaches for her. I’m sure Xenia will be a great mom, she will succeed. Children – this is happiness.”

And stamina Susie can only envy: she is now at fashion week in Paris for L’officiel magazine, whose editor is. According to colleagues of Xenia, about the decree of the question, Sobchak is going to work until the birth. But still wish her to rest more and take care of yourself.