The star of “Inhabited island” has recovered from depression

Звезда «Обитаемого острова» вылечился от депрессии

Favorite novel took seven years to escape from deep depression and go back to acting.

After the release of the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” in 2008, where the young actor played the lead role, he received a frantic glory. From all sides came the job offer, and fans did not let the curly-haired, blue-eyed handsome passage.

Many actors can only dream of such success after the first serious work, and the Basil was not very happy about the changes in life. The young man had serious health problems, doctors have diagnosed manic depression and put on the account in a psychoneurological clinic. Basil did not know where to hide from journalists, fans, and indeed the film that changed his life, has given him uneasy. Stepanov dropped everything and went to a remote village away from everyone, and when he returned, he had forgotten, and he was able to breathe freely in Moscow. Only now you wonder what it means to live…

Their parents do not count, they are not rich people, live in emergency house, which is about 10 years trying to demolish. Basil lives with them and shares a room with his younger brother Maxim. After the former sex symbol movie cast, work in other fields could not be found.

Seven years later, Stepanov decided to do what always worked in his best. Bob decided back in the movie, but not as an actor but as a Director. But while it is on the verge of fantasy, because the Director needs to learn. But his family could not afford such a luxury. Of four a mother a cashier of the restaurant and brother is a realtor, dad’s already retired.

“This dream he appeared even during my studies at the Institute. He talked a lot with guys with uncut stream, they inspired him – said “StarHit” mother Ludmila. — Wants to make movies only with beginning actors to gain experience. But we need money, higher education is expensive, we can’t afford”.

We can only hope that Bob will find a way to realize his dream and no longer hide from the world. Fyodor Bondarchuk at the time had high hopes on this guy and even helped when he was having health problems.