Huge Boobs Alena Vodonaevoy was the cause of controversy in the Network

Огромная грудь Алены Водонаевой стала причиной споров в Сети

The former star of the most famous telestroke “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva has always been famous for a big bust. At rather a skinny figure, chest Alyona highlights, it seems more that misleads her fans.

The fact that many of them believe that the 34-year-old Vodonaeva, which is quite often the case abroad, particularly in the USA, picked up common there is a tendency for a breast augmentation and made the appropriate operation.

“Such big Breasts”, “Why did you do breast”, “Alyonushka, well, what have you mercilessly beautiful shape, spare the audience”, “Wow that’s a chest, where is that? Previously not had such a huge, like she already hunched over under their weight”, “Actually, of all Russian pop stars with an ample bosom, only about Alain rumors that her Breasts are real”, “do You swim with a chest,” wrote members in the comments to the photo, which Alain is depicted to the waist in water.

However, allegations of breast augmentation Vodonaeva left unattended.

In defense of the girls say that she recently spoke about his intention rather to make their Breasts smaller.

Moreover, conversations of Alena reinforces the case. The girl is already looking for a suitable qualified plastic surgeon that she could trust the most dear: “the Breast really want to do, but still can’t find a surgeon. All my life I dream about small Breasts. Recently started to exercise, like Jogging and to include in the schedule, but only very hard to run when you have Boobs like two watermelons — now I’m a size five. In a time when the sport came into my life, I realized how much I wanted to have a normal human breast. Anyway after childbirth it’s been five and a half years, and it was after them I started to think about the operation”, — said Alena.