«Мэри Поппинс» снова стала мамой
Actress Emily blunt secretly gave birth to her second child

Emily Blunts husband

Photo: Instagram.com

As reported
the Internet site People.com, Emily blunt, favorite
the viewers after her role in “the Young Victoria”, gracing your spouse,
actor and Director John Krasinski another daughter. The happy parents named their baby
Violet. In addition to the newborn, the family is growing up another girl — two year old hazel.

it turned out, 33-year-old Emily gave birth to violet some time ago, but her parents
carefully concealed this fact — probably, was afraid to “jinx it”. And to announce
daughters to light, they decided on the occasion of American Independence Day. “The
a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th of July: to announce the birth of their fourth member
our family! Our beautiful violet was born two weeks ago!!!” — John wrote on his page in the social network.

the actress is expecting a child, became known in January of this year. And shortly before
birth Emily shared his impressions from the second pregnancy. “The first
pregnancy was the most selfish period of my life. I regularly got
massages, did yoga for pregnant women, took a course of hypnotherapy And…
the second time I was so busy that I often even forget I’m pregnant.
Still – because poking around in me my bright-eyed two year old daughter, and it had
constantly look out!” — admitted Emily.

this time the actress did not do a break in work for his “interesting
“— she starred in the musical “into the woods” with johnny Depp and Meryl Streep. “At first I was just
to hide the pregnancy, because I played the Baker’s wife, and my character had full
the right to be plump. But by the end of filming, I was already 7 months pregnant and I
had to hide your belly behind the trees!” — with a laugh, Recalling blunt.

by the way, the birth of her second child, Emily, should not prevent her
the further work. As soon as the baby is a little older, blunt intends
to begin shooting a new film. She just can’t pass up the opportunity
to play the role, which had long dreamed of: she was entrusted to play the role of Mary Poppins
in the new film adaptation of the book, adored by children and adults all over the world.

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