Alexei Vorobyov wanted to marry Natalia Gorohovoj

Алексей Воробьев хотел жениться на Наталье Горожановой The hero of “the Bachelor” was ready to make an offer to the participant of the show. Alexei Vorobyov admitted that, if the finalist of the program say it back, now they were engaged.

      Алексей Воробьев хотел жениться на Наталье Горожановой

      Emotional final show “the Bachelor” on TNT was held in the early summer. However, still around him rage of passion. The main hero of the program is Alexey Vorobyov there is not one of the finalists. It was quite obvious that the artist is willing to give the preference to Natalia Gorohovoj. At the last moment, she admitted, he couldn’t tell Alex cherished three words “I love you,” and he made the decision not to select her in the final.

      Meanwhile, the sparrows still can’t forget Natalia, though trying to do it. Singer and actor makes it clear that he was ready to make Gorohovoj offer of marriage, if only she would reciprocate. At the moment the pair could be engaged.

      “The important thing is that we have not made the biggest mistake. She did not lie, as most girls would, she loves me. Because as soon as she’d said it, I would take her hand and never let go, – admitted sparrows. – Then we would now come to the shoot together, would give a joint interview and would tell you about how everything is fine, and on her ring finger sparkled the ring… But if she were deceived, do not know how things would have gone further. What would happen to us, say, three years? Fortunately, she was honest with me.”
      Алексей Воробьев хотел жениться на Наталье Горожановой

      It turns out that now Alexey and Natalia practically do not communicate. The artist does not hide that he was hurt the most. At the end of the show he even showed excessive emotionality, tears from the feelings. But life is such that the failed pair still have to face at social gatherings.

      “Even when meeting I knew that in the final in a white dress in front of me will stand it. And I was wrong. Much. The past cannot be changed is not correct. Recently met her at one event, came and said, “Good evening.” But, unfortunately, everything. Any continuation of history can not be. The sooner we forget all that was, the sooner you will find happiness, but with others,” – said Alexey in an interview “”.

      Recall that in a recent interview with “StarHit” Garaganova explained why she didn’t tell him the long-awaited words “I love you”. It turns out that she would like to pursue a relationship with the artist, but she is haunted by the fact that Alex had active signs of attention and the other participants.

      Alexei Vorobyov told about the intimacy with the finalists of “the Bachelor”

      “For me, it was no surprise that he has not given me a ring. Knowing how it went the last date where I can not cope with emotions, understood perfectly well that this will not happen. It’s just that when pressed, I do the opposite. I yelled about how I don’t love him, and knew that after this ring I can’t see. Of course, as a person who believes in miracles, I would like it to, but it was different. I would never be able to confess his feelings, to say that I love, knowing that Alex chooses between the two of us. I knew they were with Jana and kissed, and slept, and I’m haunted,” said Garaganova “StarHit”.