«Сосредоточься на своих новых отношениях»: Келвин Харрис ответил Тейлор Свифт

After a representative of Taylor swift has stated that the singer participated in the creation of This Is What You Came For, Calvin Harris wrote a series of posts on Twitter, where he asked ex-girlfriend to leave him alone.

Song of Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris) and Rihanna (Rihanna) This Is What You Came For, was released in April 2016, when DJ and Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) still officially together. After the release of the track Harris asked about a possible collaboration with swift, to which he replied that they never talked about it and that he is not such in the future. However, on 13 July, the representative of the singer said that Taylor wrote the single under the alias of Nils Sjoberg (Sjoberg Nils).

To tell swift forced the offense to Harris, who attributed the creation of the hit itself. DJ confirmed via Twitter that Taylor swift is the author of the lyrics and wrote a series addressed to a former friend posts.

“I wrote the music, produced the song, was engaged in arrangement and vocals. And she wanted to keep it secret, so she took the alias, ” he continued. Now I’m sad that she and her team are trying to put me in a bad light. I think if you are happy in a new relationship, you should focus on them instead of trying to destroy her ex-boyfriend. I know your tour is over and now you need something new to attract attention and to bury someone like Katie (we are talking about Katy Perry: the singer’s long been feuding with each other. It is believed that swift’s song Bad Blood is devoted to Perry, approx. Glamour), but I’m not that guy. I won’t allow it. Please concentrate on the positive aspects of your life, because you deserve a great destiny.”

Taylor swift has not given Harris no response, but Katy Perry (Katy Perry) did not stay aside and answered it amusing not comfortable with voice input:

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